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A unique depth and presence, in the service of a wide range of therapeutic and spiritual approaches
During my various assignments, I have had the privilege of working with remarkable people in numerous fascinating areas:

Consciousness Teachers: Byron Katie, Richard Moss, Robert D. Waterman, Karey Thorne
Therapy and Psychotherapy: Peter Levine (founder of Somatic Experiencing), Dr Raja Selvam (founder of Integral Somatic Psychology), Richard Erskine (founder of Integrative Psychotherapy), William F. Cornell (Transactional Analysis), Dr Sonia Gomes and Marcelo Muniz (founders of SOMA), Dr Laurence Heller (founder of NARM)
Energy Medicine: Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Leonard Laskow, Dawson Church
Personal Development and Chamanism: Don Miguel Ruiz, Homaya Amar
International Conferences: European Conference for Energy Psychology, Quantum Planet, International Pau Symposium, International Integrative Psychotherapy Association, European Association of Transactional Analysis

My work is greatly appreciated, as attested to by the following testimonials :

"I travel to Switzerland often to give seminars which can include very delicate and nuanced dialogue with individuals and their concerns. Anne-Laure is so capable at this level of interpreting that sometimes I think the participants understand better than if I were a native speaker. When lecturing the translation is extremely fluid, as well. She is able to translate the affect of what is being said as well as the literal meaning, my English flowing seamlessly into her French. Consequently, we have had a long and congenial professional relationship."

Robert Waterman
EdD, Founder and President Emeritus of Southwestern College and Academic Vice-President at Insight University

« I admire Anne-Laure’s ability to interpret with subtlety and sensitivity. The words and expressions flow beautifully, as if they were being spoken by the person being interpreted. In those situations where several options are possible, she has an uncanny knack of quickly selecting the solution that best matches the intention of the speaker. I also appreciate her joie de vivre, her energy, her commitment, her humility, and her warmth and humanity. »

Laurence Aubourg
coach, therapist, and co-author of “Manager avec les accords toltèques”

"When she’s interpreting, Anne-Laure works not only in the service of the speaker and the audience, but also of the message being transmitted. It’s as if the words are flowing through her, and that she already understands their impact and their effects. Her interpreting style – with clarity and precision in her choice of vocabulary – faithfully reflects the tone and energy of the speaker. I’m also impressed by her ability to tune in instantly to the rhythm and to the receptivity of the person being addressed."

Catherine Koenig
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